Trust South Africa’s foremost experts
to unpack the year’s critical labour developments
and equip you for the year ahead.

South African labour law has undergone important developments during the past year, notwithstanding the impact and implications of the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Labour lawyers and HR practitioners who may have been unable to keep abreast of the latest judgments and legislation now have the chance to have them outlined and explained in simple terms by experts in the comfort of their homes or offices.

The most pertinent and precedent-setting case law and judgments will be covered in five preliminary videos issued prior to the Webinar along with a complimentary workbook. Areas covered will include dismissal, discrimination, collective labour law, handling cases in the CCMA and the effect of Covid-19 on employers and employees.

The Webinar will be devoted mainly to discussion on these and other topics and issues of concern to those attending. Questions and responses will be invited from participants and lively debate can be expected.
There is also the option of registering for the August delivery of the Interactive Multimedia ePub, which provides access to the entire webinar package in one enhanced e-learning publication. This option is designed specifically for those with limited internet access, but is also ideal for those wanting perpetual access to a consolidated reference and research tool.

Juta hopes you will join us for this 21st Annual Labour Law Seminar on 7 June 2022, the second to be held in remote form.
Tuesday, 7 June 2022
Time: 09:00-13:15

  • Video showcase, delivered prior to the webinar. Engage with the content at your own pace. Have a question? Ask our panellists during the live webinar.
  • Half-day webinar (see preliminary programme below)
  • Interactive Q&A
Support Material
  • Juta’s Annual Labour Law Update 2022 – choice of print or Interactive Multimedia ePub
  • Free 1-year subscription to Legalbrief Workplace valued at R1903
Your Learning Efforts Recognised
  • 8 SABPP CPD points
  • Juta certificate of attendance

Delivery: August 2022
Entire webinar package in
one enhanced e-publication
  • Full text of Juta’s Annual Labour Law Update workbook 2022, searchable and hyperlinked for easy navigation
  • Integrated Video Showcase, as well as a full edited recording of the live webinar
  • Questions with pop-up answers
  • Glossary of important terms
  • Accessible off and online, ideal for those who have difficulty attending webinars
Support Material
  • Free 1-year subscription to Legalbrief Workplace valued at R1903
Your Learning Efforts Recognised
  • 8 SABPP CPD points

Single delegate: R3 950.00

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Issued to delegates prior to the live webinar, the Video Showcase unpacks 
the most pertinent and precedent setting case law and rulings for these key topics and issues:
Video 1: Covid-19 Cases – Halton Cheadle and Puke Maserumule
The new Code of Practice on managing Covid-19; Mandatory vaccinations;
How to address vaccine hesitancy and refusal; Cases on interdicts against mandatory vaccinations;
Implications for POPIA; Cases on suspension and dismissal of those who refuse to be vaccinated
Video 2: Employment Equity – Puke Maserumule and John Grogan
Discrimination cases: Race, age, disability and sexual harassment;
The Employment Equity Amendment Bill – What’s new? 
Video 3: Handling Cases in the CCMA – Puke Maserumule and John Grogan
Dismissal of referrals when employees fail to attend arbitration hearings – Section 138(5)(a) of
the Labour Relations Act; The new CCMA Directives on how to re-enrol dismissed
cases – Can they be challenged?; Signing of referral forms – Where do lawyers fit in?
Video 4: Dismissal Law – John Grogan and Puke Maserumule
Mass dismissals: Identifying the culprits; Managerial interference with sanctions;
The test for reinstatement; Dismissal at the instance of third parties 

Video 5: Collective Labour Law – Halton Cheadle and Puke Maserumule
Violence in strikes (Constitutional Court case on interdicting violence by strikers/
Clover – violence by strikers or dismissed employees); AMCU’s complaint to ILO on extension of collective agreements; Altering terms and conditions and retrenchments – can dismissed workers strike?
09:00 to 09:30 - INTRODUCTION

Review of emerging cases not covered in the workbook and Video Showcase.


10:45 to 12:45 - TEST THE EXPERTS: Q&A HOUR

12:45 to 13:00 - CLOSING REMARKS

Our panel sum up the main points that emerged from the Q&A.

13:00 to 13:15 - FORMAL CLOSING
John Grogan is one of the most respected writers on labour law in South Africa having authored five leading labour law texts, Workplace Law; Employment Rights; Dismissal; Collective Labour Law and Labour Litigation and Dispute Resolution (Juta). Dr Grogan has been involved in the practice and teaching of labour law for more than 25 years. He left his position as head of the Department of Law at Rhodes University for private practice in 1997. Apart from practicing in the labour courts, Dr Grogan conducts private arbitrations and continues to publish and lecture. He also edits a number of leading publications, including Employment Law. He has been a part-time Senior Commissioner of the CCMA, a panellist on a number of bargaining councils, and has acted as a Judge in both the Labour and High Courts.
Puke Maserumule is a Director at Maserumule Attorneys and Maserumule Consulting. He has acted as a Labour Court Judge periodically since 1997 and has also acted as a High Court Judge. In his capacity as Acting Judge of the Labour Court, he has been involved in interpreting labour legislation and building the new labour jurisprudence. He is also a member of the legal team that drafted amendments to the Labour Relations Act and Basic Conditions of Employment Act. He is an accredited mediator and arbitrator at Tokiso Dispute Settlement.
Halton Cheadle is an attorney and Emeritus Professor of Public Law at the University of Cape Town, with 40 years’ experience. He has participated in the drafting of the Bill of Rights in the final Constitution, various labour statutes including the Labour Relations Act, 1995, the Minimum Wage Act, Codes of Good Practice: Collective Bargaining, Industrial Action and Picketing and the Accord on Collective Bargaining & Industrial Action and more recently the Code of Practice on Managing COVID-19 in the Workplace. He is the author and editor of various leading books and journal articles on labour law and constitutional law. He has also been an acting judge in the High Court and the Labour Court. Halton is the first South African to be appointed to the ILO Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations (CEACR), International Labour Organisation, Geneva (2004-2018).

  • Advocates, attorneys and candidate attorneys
  • Human resources practitioners
  • CCMA and bargaining council commissioners
  • Conciliators and arbitrators
  • Employee relations practitioners
  • Employers’ organisations
  • Government officials
  • Academics
  • Students
  • Trade unions

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